May 19, 2009

Fix for ASPDotNetStorefront – Order Total still contains shipping costs with Free shipping

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Sorry about the over verbose title but I wanted to try and explain both the problem and the fact that there is a fix.

The ASPDotNetStorefront scenario with Free Shipping

This problem occured recently on an installation of ASPDotNetStorefront I haven’t had a chance to see if it still occurs on version 8.x.x.x.

Our Client had created a free shipping coupon. At checkout, the customer entered the coupon code and the shipping should be free. However, it didn’t work as expected. At checkout, the order subtotal was correct and the shipping was shown as FREE but the final order total included the shipping cost.

The fix

There are two ways that we found to solve this problem…

Solution 1

Change the AppConfig value ‘FreeShippingAllowsRateSelection’ to False.
If a free shipping coupon is entered, this causes other shipping options to be hidden. The cart logic then calculates the Order total correctly and does not include the shipping costs.

The downside of this solution is that all other shipping options you may offer are hidden in the free shipping scenario. Although offering free shipping, you may want your customers to still be able to choose paid for shipping options for faster delivery. Solution 2 gives you a way to do this…

Solution 2

Create a new shipping method called ‘Free Shipping’ with 0 cost amount. Make a note of the new shipping method’s ID. As with other shipping methods, configure which countries are valid for this new shipping method.

Set the AppConfig ‘FilterOutShippingMethodsThatHave0Cost’ parameter set to true. This stops regular customers not using a free shipping coupon from seeing your new free shipping method.

Set the AppConfig ‘ShippingMethodIDIfFreeShippingIsOn’ to the ID of the new free shipping method.

Now, regular customers who do not use free shipping see your standard shipping methods. Customers who use a free shipping coupon will see both the standard shipping methods and the Free Shipping option. If they choose free shipping, the ASPDNSF order total will be correct.

ASPDotNetStorefront development support

If you are an ASPDotNetStorefront user or are considering the product and would like to discuss how best to support or develop your store, then we can help. Our ASPDNSF development support services can be seen here. Alternatively, please contact us for more information.

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