June 4, 2009

Integrating ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) with Royal Mail warehousing

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We are just completing the testing phase of a new ASPDotNetStorefront integration and I thought I’d write a brief post in case other UK companies need something similar.

Royal Mail Warehousing and automated ASPDotNetStorefront order processing

ASPDNSF is a great e-commerce platform but it is very US centric. If you are a UK Company using ASPDNSF you will need to do configuration to get items such as currencies, VAT and shipping working as you expect.

Our UK ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) Development and Support Services

FedEX, Shipwire and UPS are handled reasonably well ‘out of the box’ but what about Royal Mail? Not at all.

Order processing

What we’ve developed is a module to integrate Royal Mail and ASPDNSF. We have it scheduled to run every hour from your store. It detects new customer orders within ASPDNSF and creates a new orders file in the custom Royal Mail format. It then ftp’s this across to the Royal Mail warehouse for processing.

What happens next is that Royal Mail process the orders and create an order status file. This file states whether the order has been received or shipped. If it has been shipped, there is a date/time and tracking id.

Order tracking information

The second part of our Royal Mail / ASPDNSF integration reads the status files from Royal Mail and matches the order information to the equivalent order record in ASPDNSF. If the order has been shipped, we automatically set the order shipping date/time and the tracking information. Customers can now view their order status and tracking information from within ASPDotNetStorefront.


The final stage is automated inventory adjustment. Royal Mail warehousing also generate an inventory file that shows absolute stock inventory levels along with adjustments (for example, if items are returned). We read these inventory files, parse them and match to the specific product / variant / inventory item and automatically set the ASPDNSF inventory value to match the information from Royal Mail.

If this is something that your Company would be interested in using, please contact us

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