July 8, 2009

Google to launch netbook operating system – Chrome OS

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Google announces the Chrome Operating System to initially run on Netbooks (announcement here).

I do know that Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are not the operating systems to run on a netbook as they are resource hungry but do we really need Google’s Chrome OS?

Personally, I think it was a shame that Linux lost the battle for netbook operating systems – probably due to a strong commercial and marketing effort by Windows. I run Ubuntu on my Sony Vaio and it really flies along. Starts up within seconds and with the OpenOffice v3.1 apps installed I can open and save MS Office documents and presentations with ease.

From reading the specification of Google Chrome, it looks like it will really be a browser and email experience in a box. If is to be launched to consumers in 2010, the key will be whether application developers can or will write robust products to run in Google Chrome. If you look at Android, there has been nowhere near the number of apps developed when compared to Apple…

…which brings me to a concluding thought, come on Apple, now is the time to release the Apple Netbook running Snow Leopard.

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