July 20, 2009

Obscure issue with ASPDotNetStorefront and Google Checkout?

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ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) is a very robust, reliable ecommerce platform but like any complex software product, it will sometimes experience issues. Today, we resolved what has to be one of the more obscure issues related to integration with Google Checkout.

Input String Was Not in a Correct Format

On the client’s site, whenever a customer had products in their shopping cart and clicked the Google Checkout button they would be presented with an error screen proclaiming the ‘Input String Was Not in a Correct Format’.

Normally, this error is caused if Free shipping is turned on and the AppConfig value ‘ShippingMethodIDIfFreeShippingIsOn’ is left empty. See the ASPDotNetStorefront knowledgebase issue here for further details.

In this case, this wasn’t the problem at all.

| character in ASPDotNetStorefront shipping method descriptions

Within the ASPDotNetStorefront Google checkout gateway integration, ASPDNSF does some processing with Shipping method descriptions. It uses the | character as a delimiter.

Our client had recently changed the Shipping Method descriptions to something like this ‘First Class | Not tracked’. Notice the | character?

This caused the ASPDNSF Google Checkout gateway code a problem because it was unable to split the descriptions correctly and find values for Shipping Method IDs – hence the input format error.

The fix was simple: Change the | in the shipping method descriptions to another character. Finding the issue however took a while!

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