March 7, 2010

Creating a new ASPDotNetStorefront paging control

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The standard ASPDotNetStorefront paging control looks something like this:


Nothing particularly wrong with the idea but it is generated as a series of <a> tags without css id or class names. As a result, it offers limited capability for styling to match your store and more importantly, if you have many pages, the standard ASPDotNetStorefront control can get quite wide because all pages available are shown.

An improved, styled ASPDotNetStorefront paging control

Webopius have developed a new paging control that will be familiar to users of sites such as FlickR, it looks like this:
New ASPDotNetStorefront paging control

I hope you agree, it looks better? More importantly, it only shows the first page, the last page and a maximum of two available pages either side of the current page. If your store’s category has a lot of product results, the control never gets too large. Also, the control is rendered as an unordered list <ul> with the class name ‘paginator’. The current page is identified with the class name ‘thispage’.

The result is a much more elegant paging control that can easily be styled with CSS to suit your store.

A direct replacement for the existing ASPDotNetStorefront paging control

Our new paging control can be inserted as a direct replacement for the existing ASPDotNetStorefront page control by replacing the existing line in your XSL templates:

<xsl:value-of select="aspdnsf:PagingControl($BaseURL, $CurrentPage, /root/Products2/Product/pages)" disable-output-escaping="yes" />

With this:

<xsl:value-of select="Webopius:CustPagingControl($BaseURL, $CurrentPage, /root/Products2/Product/pages, 12, $TotalProducts)" disable-output-escaping="yes" />

No source code required

This new control has been implemented as a stand-alone library and just needs copying into your store with a one line change to the web.config file. You do not need the ASPDotNetStorefront source code to implement this control on your site.

If you would like a copy of this paging control installed into your store to improve your ASPDotNetStorefront site’s visitor experience, please contact us. We can usually have it installed and tested within an hour.

Other ASPDotNetStorefront Enhancements available

You might also be interested in other enhancements we have available for your ASPDotNetStorefront store, including:

  • iPhone and mobile versions of ASPDotNetStorefront templates for your store
  • Sort ASPDotNetStorefront product results by price and name
  • For multi-language sites, sort product results based on the language the user is viewing the site in
  • Overlay product images with icons such as ‘Sale’, ‘Top seller’, ‘Rare!’ – you choose the icon, you set a flag on the product and the icons are automatically generated
  • Featured product, random product or latest product shown at the top of your category results
  • Featured product carousel on your ASPDotNetStorefront site home page
  • Custom styling of the shopping cart without requiring the source code
  • Multi-language product import module
  • Bulk image resizing system for ASPDotNetStorefront – scans all your large images and automatically creates icon and medium images
  • Custom product fields and custom product to product relationships

…and the list goes on. We have worked with ASPDotNetStorefront for many years and believe we provide one of the best ASPDotNetStorefront development and support services for your business. Why not try Webopius?

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