December 20, 2009

ASPDotNetStorefront integrated with Affiliate Window

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Earlier this year, we wrote an article about how to integrate the excellent ASPDotNetStorefront ecommerce system with the Webgains affiliate platform.

ASPDotNetStorefront provides a basic method of affiliate tracking and reporting but does not provide commission calculations or affiliate payments. For this reason, many retail sites choose a third party affiliate network and integrate it with ASPDNSF.

Affiliate Window

More recently, a client asked if we could integrate the Affiliate Window affiliate network (see link on right) with ASPDotNetStorefront. Given the previous work with Webgains, this proved to be a straightforward process split into three tasks:

1. Add tracking code to all main site pages
2. Add order confirmation tracking code to the order confirmation page
3. Develop a product feed to send Affiliate Window

Add tracking code to main site pages

To enable Affiliate Window to track clicked links to your site, you need to insert tracking code into your page source code just before the closing </body>.

We developed a simple ASPDotNetStorefront XMLPackage and then from within our skin templates, added a call with one line like this:
(!XmlPackage Name=”affiliatewindow.xml.config”!)

Add order confirmation tracking

If you read our Webgains article, this describes in outline how to develop tracking within the order confirmation page. Affiliate Window order confirmation tracking is done in almost the same way by modifying page.orderconfirmation.xml.

The tracking code enables Affiliate Window to track sales made within your ASPDotNetStorefront site and for the appropriate sales commission to be calculated.

Develop a product feed

Finally, you will need a method to tell the Affiliate Window network partners which products are available on your ASPDNSF store. The best way to do this is to copy one of the existing product feeds such as the ASPDotNetStorefront Google Base feed and to modify it to the format required by Affiliate Window.

Do you require Affiliate Window integration into ASPDotNetStorefront?

If you would like Affiliate Window integrated into your ASPDNSF site, then please contact us.

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