December 20, 2009

ASPDotNetStorefront – Improved card failure reporting using SagePay/Protx

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For many UK stores using ASPDotNetStorefront, the Sage Pay (formerly Protx) gateway is a popular payment processing solution.

The card was not accepted. Please try again

Picture the scenario, your store is receiving thousands of visits and a percentage a these are reaching the goal of adding items to their shopping cart and are moving through the ASPDotNetStorefront checkout process. The Customer enters the correct billing address and credit card number but incorrectly enters their card’s ‘valid until’ date into the start date field.

They confirm the order and because of the problem, ASPDotNetStorefront rejects the order and takes them straight back to the credit card payment form with the message:

The card was not accepted. Please try again

At this point, without any explanation, your Customer may think your store is faulty or that their bank declined the payment. This is the point they may choose to give up and leave your ASPDotNetStorefront site without proceeding with payment.

An improved status message for failed Sage Pay/Protx transactions

There is a good explanation as to why the ‘real’ status message isn’t shown. Often these messages also contain additional technical information that you wouldn’t want your customer to see and some of the messages can be a bit harsh.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if the Customer was at least told that the reason their details were not accepted was because “the start date of the card is in the future. The card is not yet valid”. At least that prompts them that they may have mis-typed the details and prompt them to retry.

Webopius have developed a Web Control that can be embedded within the ASPDotNetStorefront ‘Checkoutpayment.aspx’ page. It sits within the .aspx page and doesn’t make or require any changes to be made to the ASPDotNetStorefront source code.

At the point that a failed transaction error is shown to your Customer, this web control looks in the Failed Transaction table for this Customer and retrieves that Sage Pay/Protx status code. It then performs a lookup to turn this code into a meaningful and readable description of the reason the Customer’s credit card had problems.

If you would like a this control installed into your ASPDotNetStorefront site, we can install for you usually in less than an hour (including testing). Although not tried with other gateways, it should also be possible to modify the control to work with other ASPDotNetStorefront credit card payment gateways – we can look at each on a case by case basis.

ASPDotNetStorefront development and support services

Webopius provide a comprehensive range of ASPDotNetStorefront development and support services. From small fixes, to site deployments and custom ASPDotNetStorefront theming – all at very competitive prices with no charge until the work has been completed.

Please Contact us for more information. For a description of the range of ASPDotNetStorefront services offered, please click here

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