January 24, 2010

ASPDotNetStorefront automated bulk image resizing

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Recently, we were doing some ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) work for a client where they had many thousands of product images to import.

They were using a customised version of the product import system to load products into the store database – the import customisation allowed them to import product descriptions in multiple languages which is not part of the standard ASPDotNetStorefront import routine.

They were also using the ImageFileNameOverride feature to allow the image names to match a specific attribute of the product (the ISBN number in this case).

This was all fine – they name the images to match the products, place the images in the /images/products/large folder and then perform the product import with the correct value in the ImageFileNameOverride column.

No automatic creation of Icon and Medium sizes

One challenge with the product import routine is that it doesn’t automatically create all image sizes for you – normally you need a thumbnail image (icon) for products on the category page, a medium sized image when viewing the product page and a large image when you want the user to see more detail.

Automatic image re-sizing is only performed in ASPDotNetStorefront when you manually create/edit a product and upload an image. Of course, when you have thousands of images to load, this is not something you want to do.

An automatic image resizing solution

So, to solve this, we wrote a module that can be called from within the ASPDotNetStorefront admin system that scans through all large images and looks for a matching icon and medium image.

If no image match is found, it automatically creates and icon and/or medium image for you based on the ASPDotNetStorefront application config settings for image resizing.

This saves a huge amount of time for the user and also allows them to re-run the re-sizing routine whenever they upload new images.

ASPDotNetStorefront Development Services

If you would like a this image resizing routine installed on your ASPDotNetStorefront site, or would like to discuss other ASPDotNetStorefront requirements, then please contact us.

For more information on ASPDotNetStorefront development services offered by Webopius, please click here.

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