June 6, 2010

Fix for shipping costs not showing at checkout in ASPDotNetStorefront ML9

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In ASPDotNetStorefront ML9.0.1.3 (and possibly earlier versions), during the checkout process once your customer has selected their shipping method they are taken to the Checkout Payment screen.

The order subtotal and tax calculations are correct based on the order items AND the shipping method selected however, no shipping details are shown in the summary.

How to fix the missing shipping in the order summary at checkout

It took us a while to debug this but the issue is due to the ASPDNSF CartSummary control not correctly detecting the value of the AppConfig ‘SkipShippingOnCheckout’. The control is expecting a value to be given to it (rather than looking up the AppConfig setting) and if none is found, it assumes that Shipping should be skipped which is why no shipping totals are shown at checkout.

The solution is to edit your site’s checkoutpayment.aspx file and look for the ‘Total Summary’ block which is using the aspdnsfc:CartSummary control. Within this control, you’ll see various parameters being set such as TaxCaption, TotalCaption, ShowGiftCardTotal etc.

Add the following line after ShowGiftCartTotal=”true” and before the closing />


That’s it! Now, your shipping costs should be correctly displayed at checkout.

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