July 5, 2010

Ajax product comments module for AspDotNetStorefront

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In ASPDotNetStorefront version 9, there is more use of Ajax within the product including areas such as the new Minicart, Kit Products and some administration pages.

Well-written Ajax pages give a site a much more interactive feel without the constant need for page refreshes to generate new content each time something is clicked.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, there are still a number of areas within ASPDotNetStorefront that could benefit from Ajax. One of these is the product ratings / product comments system.

An Ajax product comments module for ASPDotNetStorefront

Currently, within ASPDotNetStorefront MLv9 (and earlier releases), product ratings and comments can be shown within the product page. To add a new rating, a customer is presented with a popup window where they enter their rating. They then click submit and the product page is refreshed with the new details.

As more comments for the product are entered, the customer can move between different pages of comments – again, this involves refreshing the same product page.

We didn’t feel the existing comment/rating system was suitable so Webopius recently built a new Ajax-based product comments module for a client that has the following features:

  • New product comments can be entered directly on the page without refreshing
  • Comments enter a moderation queue and a new administration page allows site owners to filter comments before they are published
  • It is now possible to move between pages of comments dynamically on the page without requiring a page refresh
  • The comments block can be collapsed and hidden from view by the user
  • The system records the details of the user submitting the comment but the user can choose a display name themselves to keep the comment anonymous
  • New comments are validated at the time the customer submits and basic errors are reported back to them immediately

If you would like a similar Ajax ASPDotNetStorefront module installed within your ASPDotNetStorefront site (including versions 7,8 or 9) then please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Almost anything is possible with ASPDotNetStorefront, in many cases without requiring the source code and Webopius have extensive experience of extending and modifying the product for both large and small customers.

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