May 14, 2011

More ASPDotNetStorefront modules for v9 and Multistore

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It’s been some time since we wrote about work we’ve done with ASPDotNetStorefront, so I thought I’d write a brief post to let you know about some of the more recent modules we’ve written for ASPDotNetStorefront.

3EX Module for ASPDotNetStorefront

You may have read about the work we’ve done integrating ASPDotNetStorefront into the Royal Mail warehouse system.

Well, we’ve continued this work and have written a custom module for a client that integrates with the 3EX platform. It can send orders from ASPDotNetStorefront directly to 3EX, receive status updates and also dynamically update product prices and inventory levels.

Epicor Module for ASPDotNetStorefront

Again, as above, another piece of custom work that integrates ASPDotNetStorefront with the Epicor ERP platform. Automated order processing and status updates.

Twitter module

Do you want your latest Tweets visible on your store’s homepage? With a small custom control we’ve written for ASPDotNetStorefront you can now do this.

Powersearch system for ASPDotNetStorefront

Are your customers still searching your site by typing into the search box, clicking ‘go’ and then paging through the results before hitting the back button to try again when they can’t find what they need? Why not take a look at our advanced Powersearch system for ASPDotNetStorefront? You can see an example running here.

Start typing in the search box and after 3 characters, the site will dynamically (and quickly) bring back the search results as you type. Not only that but it will provide a filter system to the left of the page that allows your customer to refine their results by price, manufacturer etc.

The advantage is that your visitors see immediately whether what they are typing matches the results, they are encourage to click products (and can add them to the cart immediately) and they try out different search terms without leaving the page making the whole experience much more interactive.

Affiliate system returned orders feed

If you are using an affiliate system with your ASPDotNetStorefront installation, they will be taking a commission for each affiliated order made on your site.

If these orders are subsequently refunded, you need a way to tell your affiliate system provider otherwise you’ll incur commission fees unnecessarily.

Our affiliate feed will retrieve all refunded, voided, cancelled orders within a time window, package them up into a format required by your affiliate provider and send them via FTP. As a result, they should credit or refund the commission taken on these orders.

Scheduled GoogleBase feed (and other feeds) for ASPDotNetStorefront

ASPDotNetStorefront includes a feed system that can extract products, categories and other data and send this to a third party system. Typically this would be a provider such as Google or Amazon and also Affiliate system providers.

The standard ASPDotNetStorefront install requires these feeds to be manually launched from the admin pages.

With our module, you can now run any of these feeds as a scheduled task using the Windows task scheduler. This can ensure that sites such as GoogleBase always have the latest copy of your product data.

To discuss any of these modules, or other custom work for ASPDotNetStorefront, please contact us

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