June 5, 2011

Auto switching of content based on Visitor’s country for ASPDotNetStorefront

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Many of our European ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) clients often ask for content or currencies to be automatically changed depending on the visitor’s country using their IP address to work out which country they are browsing from.

When a visitor lands on an ASPDotNetStorefront site, their IP address is used to determine which country they are from. Then, content, languages and currencies can be automatically set for that visitor without them having to use the relatively slow standard ‘change currency’ drop down within ASPDotNetStorefront. This gives a much more dynamic and tailored ecommerce experience to your users.

Using the excellent Geo Location database from MaxMind (see link to the right), it is possible to auto-detect a visitor’s country based on their IP address with about a 99.5% level of accuracy.

MaxMind GeoIP address

Custom GeoIP Module for ASPDotNetStorefront

Webopius have developed a module for ASPDotNetStorefront that takes a visitor’s IP address, then uses the MaxMind database to work out which country they are from. Once we have the country information, we can dynamically change content, languages and/or currency details within the store to match that visitors expectations.

Some of our customers also use this technique to make specific products or promotions available in specific countries. Other ASPDotNetStorefront entities such as categories and manufacturers can also be auto-filtered based on the visitor’s country.

If you would like further information about this module or on other custom ASPDotNetStorefront development work for your site, then please contact us by clicking here.

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