October 19, 2013

RESOLVED: Performance issues editing Entities, Customers or Products in ASPDotNetStorefront

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If you are using ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) version 9.x and have many thousands of Customers, Products or Entities in your store, you may have found that in the administration pages editing this content is slower than you’d expect.

This is due to the RadGrid control used on some pages. With thousands of rows of content, this control requires some performance tuning to continue to respond quickly.

One very quick fix that appears to resolve this performance problem is to add a paging function to the control.

As an example, to add this feature to the product editor page:

  • Edit /Controls/ProductGrid.ascx within your site’s admin folder
  • Look for a line starting with <telerik:RadGrid …>
  • Add the option AllowPaging=”True” to this control

Now, go to your site’s admin pages and once the control has re-compiled, you should find the response time for product pages is much improved.

You can do the same for Customers (CustomerGrid.ascx) and Entities (EntityGrid.ascx) on v9.3

If you’d like to discuss developing your ASPDotNetStorefront site further or require some high performance features such as a bulk product importer, WordPress or ERP integration, get in touch with us for a no obligation quote.

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