July 12, 2014

Resolve your ASPDotNetStorefront database size

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ASPDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) has a monthly housekeeping routine that you can run as an administrator. This removes old data from the database and clears up the tables.

Sometimes, this housekeeping is not run for some time, or some SQL Server database tables aren’t cleared by the housekeeping routine (usually the Profile table is the largest) and your database starts to grow.

Once the database gets too large, even running the housekeeping routine won’t clear out the data because ASPDotNetStorefront housekeeping times out due to the table sizes.

In one client’s website, we found that the Profile database table contained 66 million rows causing the database to slow down and the database files on disk to use a vast amount of storage space.

If you encounter database size problems with your ASPDotNetStorefront site, then contact Webopius and we can help. We will work out of your store’s normal operating hours (so your Customers are not affected) and will remove old data from the Profile and ProductView tables in your ASPDotNetStorefront database so that your website returns to normal. Usually, we can do this without taking your Store offline because we delete data in chunks of around 5,000 rows at a time allowing your Customers to continue to use the site.

Typically, for a site with around 10 to 20million rows in the Profile table, we can complete this work within 5 hours. If you prefer, we can stagger the work over a week. With an additional hour, we can also look for database performance issues and fragmented indexes that unless resolved will cause your site to run slower than it should.

Contact us for an assessment of your ASPDotNetStorefront database and for a no obligation quote to resolve any issues.

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