January 3, 2015

ASPDotNetStorefront Inventory table cleanser

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The ASPDotNetStorefront database Inventory table contains a row per Product variant size and color combination, for example:

VariantID: 4602, Color: Pink/Red/White, Size: Small (28in-31in), Quan: 0
VariantID: 4602, Color: Pink/Red/White, Size: Medium (31in-34in), Quan: 16
VariantID: 4602, Color: Pink/Red/White, Size: Large (34in-38in), Quan: 2

This maps to the ‘Colors’ and ‘Sizes’ fields within the ProductVariant Table:

VariantID: 4602
Colors: Pink/Red/White
Sizes: Small (28in-31in),Medium (31in-34in),Large (34in-38in)

As you can see the Variant’s sizes field uses commas to separate each of the size options. These then match to a specific Color/Size inventory table row for that Variant.

Sometimes though, the Inventory table can get out of Sync with the Color and Size combinations for a variant. Particularly if existing colors are no longer required or where the color/size description is edited in the variant.

If this happens, you may see old rows in the ASPDotNetStorefront Inventory table that do not get deleted.

Inventory Cleansing Module

Webopius have developed a small ‘Inventory cleansing’ module that you can install into the admin pages of your site. This module can process all your products, or a specific product and check the inventory data. If rows are found that are not required, the module can remove them for you.

Get in touch if you’d like to install this module on your ASPDotNetStorefront website.

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