ASPDotNetStorefront email when back in stock module

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ASPDotNetStorefront Module to email your Customers when a product is back in stock



This module will detect if a Product is out of stock and allow your Customers to enter their email address and be notified when that product comes back in stock. It will also allow you to analyse which products are receiving the most out of stock notification request and tell which of your Customers are asking to be notified.


Download available now Click the icon below to download and evaluate this module. It should run without licensing on non-production servers.


To license this module for production use, please visit the ASPDNSF Email on Stock module licensing request form here.

Module requirements…


ASPDotNetStorefront AppConfig values required:

‘Webopius.WOEOS.License’ The unique license key emailed to you. If the license key is invalid or empty, the module will work on development servers. On live servers, an unlicensed module will work but change some content to contain the text ‘UNLICENSED’.

Using the module within XML packages

To use the control within XML package, you first need to edit your site’s web.config file. Within web.config, look for the following block…

Using the module within XML packages

To use the control within XML packages, you first need to edit your site’s web.config file. Within web.config, look for the following block…

<xsltobjects defaultExtension="">

You’ll probably see an existing line within extensions related to the ASPDNSF receipt extension. Add the following line below the closing /extensions…

<add name="eos" namespace="urn:eos" type="WOEOS.WOEOSXsltExtension"></add>

So, the end result will look something like this (you may also have additional extensions installed)…

<xsltobjects defaultExtension="">
<clear />
<add name="receipt" namespace="urn:receipt" type="ReceiptXsltExtension, app_code"></add>
<add name="eos" namespace="urn:eos" type="WOEOS.WOEOSXsltExtension"></add>

Make sure that your site still runs and fix any errors before continuing.

To use the Email on Stock module within an XML package, include the following within each XML package’s xsl:stylesheet definition where you want to run the module (for example product.UrbanExcessProduct.xml.config):


Depending on your XML package, the result will look something like this:

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:eos="urn:eos" xmlns:aspdnsf="urn:aspdnsf"  exclude-result-prefixes="aspdnsf eos">

Again, make sure that your XML package runs correctly with this change before continuing.

Once this is running without any errors, to generate the panel telling the Customer that a product is out of stock, include the following line within your XML Package:

<xsl:value-of select="eos:EmailWhenBackInStock(ProductID, VariantID)" disable-output-escaping="yes" />

Ensure that the ‘ProductID’ and ‘VariantID’ names match the variable names used in your XMLPackage. This function will check this Product/Variant combination’s stock level. If it is below your Store’s ‘OutOfStockThreshold’ value then a panel is generated notifying the Customer and asking them if they would like to enter their email address. Example shown below:


You can change the content of this panel by editing /XmlPackages/woeos.emailwheninstock.xml.config

Sending emails to Customers

To get your store to look through all pending notification requests, check stock levels and to email Customers if product are back in stock, you simply run the following page:


This will look at all pending notification requests, check stock levels and email Customers if stock levels are above your Store’s ‘OutOfStockThreshold’ AppConfig value. You can change the content of the email that is sent to Customers by editing the file /WOEOS/woeos.emailtemplate.xml.config

Scheduling sending of emails

Within the WOEOS directory, you will also see a file called ‘WOEOSScheduler.vbs’. This script can be used by the Windows Task scheduler on your server to run the out of stock email processing on a regular basis (such as every hour). Simply edit this file and enter your store’s domain name. Then use this file within Windows Task scheduler.

Administration Pages

The Administration page is /[YOUR STORE ADMIN DIRECTORY]/WOEOSAdmin.aspx

Within this administration page, you can:

If you would like this page to appear in you ASPDotNetStorefront Admin menu, simply add it to /[YOUR STORE ADMIN DIRECTORY]/Controls/AdminMenu.ascx.cs

Troubleshooting and Support

For assistance related to this module, our support forum is here:, alternatively, please email and we’ll do all we can to help. If you would like this module installed for you, please email We can install it for you for just $90 USD (£60 GBP / €70 Euros) provided we can be given access to your server.

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