Search engine optimisation

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SEO – What is it?

So, you’ve got a great website. It looks great, your management team like the functionality and the potential new business it will bring. So you launch…

…and find you are competing with over 162 million other active websites1. Unless you implement effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your site, it will remain lost somewhere on the web and will be lucky to receive 10 visitors a day and your site will languish in the latter results pages of Google.

Our SEO services

Unlike many ‘SEO consultants’, we don’t make inflated claims about the position your site will achieve within a matter of weeks. Effective SEO and Search Engine Marketing require professionalism, time, commitment and constant attention to the quality and amount of content on your site.

Webopius work with you on SEO, we provide honest advice on how to improve your search ranking and don’t hide behind tricks or spam your potential customers.

We spend time understanding your brand and your competitor’s sites. We can advise on appropriate keyword combinations. We can make improvements to your site to make it ‘SEO friendly’. We can implement external Search Engine marketing activities to generate interest in and traffic to your site. Finally, we can monitor and report accurately on the traffic and the searches your customers are using to find you and visit you.

If you Google for SEO, SEO consultancy or SEO marketing, you won’t find many companies that are as honest about SEO as this. Ultimately, good SEO is about quality – a well designed site with quality content, quality traffic and more importantly, repeat business.

We can offer the following services:

Initial keyword and competitor analysis

For a fixed fee, we will review your business and your top online competitors both locally, nationally and internationally. We will provide you with:

On site or on page optimisation

This is one of our most popular services. You choose whether you would like us to review a page, a range of pages or a complete site (recommended) and we will provide a written report of the SEO related improvements you should make to your site to make it search engine friendly while still maintaining effective usability for your customers.

If you choose to implement these changes yourself or use another company, that’s fine. Alternatively, we can usually implement these changes within a matter of days for you.

Every site we look at can be improved for SEO. A fresh pair of eyes looking at a site can make valuable improvements. Unlike many other SEO companies, we don’t fill your pages with keywords to improve ‘density’ – Google is far too smart to fall for that anymore. We concentrate on the two audiences to your site – customers and search engines.

Content Creation

SpongeGoogle soaks up new content like a sponge

In the world of search, content is king. Your site needs relevant, interesting and regular content to encourage visits and repeat visits (so called ‘stickiness’).

We can introduce you to editorial teams who are able to create regular content for your site. If you are a large enterprise or speciality site, we can also arrange for bespoke daily feeds from sources such as Reuters to be delivered for use on your site.

External promotion – Search Engine Marketing

Our external promotion service is a vital component in your SEO portfolio. Other sites need to link to you and people need to be talking about you.

We offer a monthly service with a range of optional components including:


Finally, you need to know how your site is performing. We can provide detailed search and visitor statistics informing you of how your site is performing and where your visitors are clicking. These reports can be provided weekly or monthly.