Web Design and Development

Website development is easy, isn’t it? Just register a new domain and create a few pages with some content. Nothing to it.

Web Design and Development

Not quite.


The first problem most companies face is design. Design of the visuals, or design of the interaction between the site and the user. Will the users be able to provide feedback? Will users be able to talk to each other or join groups? What will these look like? What are your competitors doing and how can you design a site that improves on what they have?

Webopius has access to a team of website designers who have years of experience working on website of every possible size. We will spend time understanding your specific business need and won’t force a specific design solution on you. We will give you alternatives and design wireframes of your site for you to review before anything is built.

You will get a website tailored to your needs. Bespoke, yet based on proven components that work.


After design, you have to consider content. In a world dominated by two audiences – your users and the search engines, content is king. Content is what user’s come back to your site for. Content is what the search engines feed off.

How will you manage your content? Where will it come from? Who will manage your content? How do you avoid duplicating content that’s already published elsewhere? What technology do you use to store the content? Will you use a Content Management System (CMS)?

Webopius can help review content channels for your specific business need. We can advise on content management solutions (both technology and people) to help create rich, interesting content for your site. We can even identify editorial resources to create regular content for your site if you do not have the in-house staff to manage this.


Technologists love acronyms. The web world is no different and technology seems to refresh and update every six months or so. PHP, ASP, C#, .NET, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, CMS, SEO, SQL – how do you choose?

Your website needs to reflect this changing environment and you will need to select well, yet design on a platform that can handle change.

Webopius will not recommend a specific technology until we understand your business needs. We have extensive experience in both the Unix and Windows technology camps and are comfortable developing in the so called ‘LAMP’ environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or ‘ASP.NET’ (Windows, IIS, SQLServer, C#).

If you need an e-commerce site, we can also develop this so that it seamlessly integrates with an existing or new website.

Webopius can help

We understand technology. We also spend time understanding you. Our costs are realistic and we endeavour to always deliver in a time that meets your expectations.

If you’ve read this have any questions (or even if you are sceptical!), why not get in touch with us or request an estimate for a project you have in mind?